big bang

big bang

Welcome to Lighthouse's brand new learning and participation website page, aimed at schools, young people, artists and all other interested in getting involved in learning at Lighthouse.

Lighthouse is rebooting our Learning and Participation Programme, developing our relations with schools, communities and stakeholders in a much more proactive way. Programmes have already started and will continue to be developed in 2016, both before and after our capital redevelopment programme which will take place from June to October. As well as a fascinating programme of outreach from visiting artists, we're going to be developing some bespoke new programmes of our own. We're particularly excited by our 'Young Programmers' strands - see below. 

To help us develop our partnerships we've forged new partnerships with Soundstorm and Wave, Bournemouth and Poole's award-winning Music and Arts Education Agencies, Arts Ambitions and Lit Up. Soundstorm/Wave already work with all the schools across Bournemouth and Poole and many more beyond, and will be managing particular school and community programmes for us. We're hopeful it's going to be the start of a great new partnership which will allow us to engage much more effectively with the schools and community we serve.

Read the first edition of 'Big Bang' - our brand new learning and partcipation newsletter

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